PT Asuransi Jiwa Adisarana Wanaartha, or more commonly known as WanaArtha Life  has served the people of Indonesia for more than 45 years since its founding in 1974. WanaArtha Life offers a variety of life and health insurance products to all of society Indonesia either individual insurance or group insurance. These products are offered in the form of traditional life insurance until the insurance has an investment element that is expected to meet the unique needs of each society of Indonesia.

WanaArtha Life also constantly develops its products for all financial planning needs of the community are met. Strong support from the shareholders ie Fadent Consolidated Companies and Foundations Support Wanajaya who shelter under the Ministry of Forestry Republic of Indonesia and managed by qualified and experienced professionals in the insurance industry to make more stable WanaArtha Life to continue to be a partner family's future financial planners Indonesia.

In addition, WanaArtha Life also believes that the easy accessibility of products WanaArtha Life is a very important factor, therefore, expanded Life WanaArtha marketing distribution channels through three different types of distribution channels, namely the distribution line agency, bancassurance and corporate.


PT. Fadent Consolidated Companies 97.54%
Sarana Wanajaya 2.46%


Being a well respected life insurance company providing products that are flexible and affordable to targeted individual and business community.


  • Providing competitive life insurance products and services which are attractive to our target segments;
  • Consistently meeting the service requirements of our customers and partners;
  • Achieve corporate sustainability by balancing interests of policy holders, shareholders, employee and the community;
  • Maintain corporate social responsibility for financial planning and education and environmental awareness;